SkatePAL fundraiser – March 19 2016

Former member and close friend of Space, Doma, hosted a fundraising event in Space in March 2016. SkatePAL is a non-profit organisation that aims to spread the love of skateboarding in Palestine.

Doma sold from his new collection of hand printed T-shirts (organic cotton of course!), exhibited pictures from former SkatePAL-volunteer Emil Agerskovs upcoming book about the organisational work in Asira Al-Shamaliya and screened a short documentary about the project.

Read about the very amazing project here: http://www.skatepal.co.uk/

And check out Doma’s gear: https://www.facebook.com/groups/17680580663/


Pictures: Domonkos Kiss and Emil Agerskov

BLCK // WHT – March 11 2016

The three Space members Pete Lamberto, Filippo Pizzochero and Ene Bissenbakker did a joint exhibition on March 11 2016. Minor recap on video below:


About the show:

Three artists have joined forces to celebrate the simplicity and dramatics of storytelling in black and white; a story to which they are contributing to with each of their emotional interpretations and artistic footprints.

The exhibition is set to evoke a tale that the viewer must find their own ending to.
Bissenbakker steps into the scenery with variations of subtle repetition, Pizzochero joins in with his micromatic details and Lamberto covers their cinematic journey with his thin veneer of melancholy.

BLCK / WHT is a pop up exhibition only existing for one evening, so make sure to swing by for the contemporary experience and a glass of cool for the early birds.

All the exhibiting artwork will be available to purchase.

*Ene Bissenbakker
(Danish b. 1982),
Artist / Writer / Videographer.

Paper is Ene’s preferred medium – the way it eats her Chinese ink without the possibilities of making alterations and the way the line on the paper reveals who she is. The delicacy of the paper, the fact that she knows she’s going to make mistakes. Paper offers her no mercy and she is tied to it in a struggle for control.
For this exhibition Ene asks the question of what happens when you tell the same story so many times that you end up believing it to be the truth. In families. In social relations. In politics. Repeatedly chanting the samme image might reveal the nuances and constructedness of a given truth.

*Filippo Pizzocchero
(Italian, b. 1985)
Painter / Illustrator / Engineer.

Filippo has used art since childhood to express certain things, such as the awareness of existing, the fear of being alone and the happiness of living. He has been invited to show his works on various exhibitions between Italy and Denmark, as well as a bunch of magazines and blogs. His intention is to create a connection with the audience stronger than any verbal dialogue or hand shake.
In this set of pieces, Filippo uses the contrast between the black ink and the bare paper to explore the border between joy and pain, existence and nothingness. Everything orbits around the power of a single black line and how it resonates with the multitude.

*Pete Lamberto
(Danish/Filipino, b. 1980)
Contemporary Photographer.

Originally with a background in the film- and fashion industry, Lamberto returned to photography in 2008 and created a slow language where variations of melancholy is a current theme.
He has since been exhibiting in galleries and art festivals in Denmark, Germany and Poland, and published in renowned magazines and blogs such as The Advocate (US), KaltBlut (DE), DNA (AUS) and If You Leave (UK).

Christopher Harrison from The Advocate:
“Lamberto’s barometric portraits aim to reveal the pressures and combustion below the surface.”

News from the literary underworld!

Space hosted an informal reading by members of space and a few of their selected friends. And out of the mystic dark cellers emerged a new group of literary friends: The group ‘Spoken Space’ is now a reality!

We had as many as 8 readers reciting words stemming from their own hands or their favourite authors. A magical night indeed!


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