Clara Trier (b. 1999), Copenhagen, Denmark. She joined Space in 2016 and her primary works are paintings and illustrations from which she (almost) makes a living. She also experiments with videos and performances when she finds he inspiration.
At the age of 14, Clara won the danish championship of drawing and since then she has had several exhibitions. When Clara finished 10th grade, she decided to set education aside and focus on making a living from and experimenting painting instead. She is currently working with teaching younger children art and trying to build up a proper portfolio for the Danish Art Academy, which she aims at attending in 2019.

Other than that, Clara has been a part of several performances such as the Charlottenborg performance BREAD MAN by Tatsumi Orimoto and she also did an erotic performance with her boyfriend in Anna Martensens series of live-performances at Copenhagen Dox.