Filippo Pizzocchero

Filippo is an Engineer, or better Filippo has a degree in Engineering and makes a salary out it. ‘Who is Filippo?’ is a wider question, which Filippo himself is not really good in answering. Nonetheless, Filippo is trying to find an answer for it, or at least parts of it. The journey has begun when he was a child with coloured pencils. He drew many pink trees and yellow people. Filippo is colour-blind. Since then, he could feel that form of expression, which later he learned being called ‘art’, was relaxing him, helping him finding an equilibrium. This exploration of all the possible universes and existences involves any means and techniques. Most of the things remain unexplored, but this is what makes the journey still interesting. Filippo joined Space in April 2015 and likes to speak about himself in the third person.


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